Specialist Education

Outcomes & Success

We understand that you will want your child to receive the best education and care that meets their needs and that's why we're proud that all of our schools, colleges and provisions have been rated a 'trusted provider' by Ofsted and CQC.


A combination of specialist education, person-centred therapeutic planning and measurement of progress can only result in the best outcomes for the people in our care.


We measure our student's progress in a number of different ways:


✓  National curriculum levels

✓  National accreditation achievement awards

✓  Individual Learning Plan Targets (ILP)

✓  Behaviour and social progress

✓  School based awards

✓  Economic well-being (financial skills/work experience)

✓  Being healthy

✓  Staying safe

✓  Enjoying life

✓  Positive contribution

"The staff at Cambian Scarborough School have gone above and beyond in supporting our son, not only in his education but in his social and emotional needs as well. He is happier and more settled than we have ever seen him within a school setting and he is really enjoying the different subjects. Our son has built some very positive and trusting relationships with all the staff. He is now able to open up and discuss any issues that are bothering him and it's incredible to see this development. As parents, we are extremely grateful for all the hard work, love and dedication the staff have shown him, and the other children. Cambian is not just a school, it's a supportive, loving family."


- Parent, Cambian Scarborough School


"I have had a young person placed at Brook View yesterday, following a successful 2 week transition plan from hospital that the placement had co-ordinated. They put a lot of thought and consideration into the young persons needs, ensuring the transition was in his best interest and successful; it could not have gone better!


I have only positives comments regarding the placement, from the moment contact was made for an assessment Brook View worked professionally with myself and the multi-agency team. They ensured the matching process for the children was completed, and gathered all the relevant information. It was and is clear that the staff are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the specific needs of the children they work with and I am really pleased with the placement so far! They definitely have the children's best interests at heart and want to achieve positive outcomes.


I hope I don't have another young person in such a complex situation again, but I would definitely recommend a Brook View placement again if needed."


- Social Worker, Cambian Brook View School


"We feel privileged to have become a part of Hill House School. Our son's life, and ours, has been fulfilled and calm since he joined."


- Parent, Hill House School


"Thank you for my time at Northampton School! I have really enjoyed all the memories I have made and I would like to thank everyone for helping me to get to where I am today. The thing I liked about being in the school was that we were always pushed to do our best and that the teaching assisstants were always there if you needed them.


I enjoyed going on trips with the other children and going to the safari park, it helped us all become better friends. I’m now studying at a military training college which will prepare me to be part of the Army, where I hope to become a medic. I have had multiple choices of careers but this is the one I've set my heart on. Thank you again to the school for my helping me get the results I did; without them, I wouldn't have been able to follow my dream career!"


Student, Cambian Northampton School


"Well, we attended the graduation ceremony today! I really wouldn’t have believed anyone if they had predicted that William would attend university let alone get a degree or a first! It was very emotional knowing what William has gone through to get to this point in his life! I confess I shed a few tears!


William has also secured himself a job with the same company my husband worked for and, indeed, in the same office with the same colleagues. William was asked to attend an informal interview a few weeks ago and they were so impressed with him they said they would generate a job just so he can work for them! He starts at the end of November and will join the graduate scheme next year.


I really wanted to let the staff know how William has done as they have played a huge part in supporting him and helping him through some very difficult times. If William had not been a student at Wing College he would definitely not have achieved so much. His time at the Wing was a turning point in his life and gave him the springboard he needed to re-join the world. We will always be grateful for his time at the Cambian Wing College."


- Parent, Cambian Wing College


"My son had a very positive experience at Cambian Dilston College. His self-confidence, personal skills and abilities that developed during this time have helped him to become a happy, competent young man. The staff were wonderful at supporting him to ensure he achieved his full potential. He also made many new friends. The transitions team gave lots of good advice, guidance and assistance to ensure that his wishes were accomplished. They organised work experience, appointments, and helped him to view potential placements before he finished his course and were always quick to respond to questions from me, ensuring I was fully informed.”


Parent, Cambian Dilston College


“We are so pleased with the care our daughter is receiving at Pengwern. Their professionalism and experience is a perfect match for our daughter’s needs. We have been overwhelmed at the staff’s positive attitude to her and have seen the difference that has made."


Parent, Cambian Pengwern College



Student Letter

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"I did virtual learning which hardly ever worked and got me really angry before, I then started home tuition. Finally I started school and I felt like a dream that has come true, this is the happiest I ever felt since I moved here."

Libby's Story Testimonial Image

"Libby had sensory issues which meant accessing learning in a mainstream environment was challenging for her. She is now in her first year of her GCSEs."

Libby's Story

Student Journeys

Harvey's Story Testimonial Image

"Harvey had a diverse multidisciplinary team that worked closely with him in order to meet his needs. We continue to work in this way and our onsite Occupational Therapist and Speech & Language Therapist have maintained meaningful working relations with his team from within his home county."

Harvey's Story