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We understand that you will want your child to receive the best education and care that meets their needs and that's why we're proud that all of our schools, colleges and provisions have been rated a 'trusted provider' by Ofsted and CQC.


A combination of specialist education, person-centred therapeutic planning and measurement of progress can only result in the best outcomes for the people in our care.


We measure our student's progress in a number of different ways:


✓  National curriculum levels

✓  National accreditation achievement awards

✓  Individual Learning Plan Targets (ILP)

✓  Behaviour and social progress

✓  School based awards

✓  Economic well-being (financial skills/work experience)

✓  Being healthy

✓  Staying safe

✓  Enjoying life

✓  Positive contribution

Charlie's Story
Charlie - Hill House

"Charlie developed trust and friendship and slowly began to enjoy activities and try new things."

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Matthew's Story
Matthew - Lufton

"He has become more vocal in expressing himself and when he feels that he cannot use his voice he will seek his communication aid and initiate it in this way."

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Daniel's Story
Daniel - Hill House

"In the two months prior to Daniel moving to Hill House, a staggering 3,000 incidents of self–injurious behaviour were recorded, [...] within sixth months at Hill House there were just 11 incidents [recorded]."

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Henry's Story
Henry - Wing

"Henry is now fully independent in the community, able to access mainstream learning unsupported, able to use public transport, can tend to all his self-care needs and independently cook his own meals."

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Tom's Story
Tom - Hill House

"Tom had 0 incidents of challenging behaviour for the 10 months before leaving Hill House, he no longer needed his anti–anxiety medication or 2:1 support."

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Harvey's Story
Harvey's Story

"Harvey now successfully transitions between sites for education and does this almost independently."

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Robbie's Story

"Robbie described getting into class like ‘climbing Mount Everest – ‘when I get to the classroom door I have exhausted myself and have nothing left to give’."

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Lucy's Story
Lucy - Pengwern

"Lucy is much more social with her staff and peers in and around the college grounds, often initiating conversation with both new and familiar staff."

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Libby's Story

"Libby had sensory issues which meant accessing any learning in a mainstream environment was challenging for her."

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John's Story

"He worried about how he was different to others and worried about how others viewed him."

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Jane's Story

"Jane would refuse to come into school and would often refuse to get out of the car."

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Matilda's Story

"Gaps in Matilda’s educational knowledge were bridged using a teaching format that she felt comfortable with."

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Barry's Story

"He strives to meet all expectations and additionally he will seek out extension work and also support his peers in their learning."

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Andrew's Story

"Andrew’s willingness to try new things has been recognised in his recent work experience placement at a local library."

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Jake's Story

"Jake's ability to be around others and to communicate with them has greatly increased since coming to Dilston."

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Cameron's Story

"Cameron began to become more independent both in the community and within education."

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Jonathan's Story

"Jonathan has become better able to manage social situations, becoming a popular member of the peer group and he managed to form and maintain friendships."

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