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Alison Priddle

Telephone: 01590 675350

With over thirty years’ experience working in a range of social care and education settings, I have developed a wide a range of expertise in relation to special educational needs, disability, safeguarding and child protection. Prior to working in education as a teacher, I worked in residential and field social work. 

As a senior leader, I developed best practice working across two middle schools through an amalgamation process. I held strategic responsibility for inclusion, safeguarding and child protection, which included leading a very large, successful SEND department in a large secondary school.

I have held leadership roles in education settings rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED, run my own education consultancy business, worked for SENDIASS, and more recently worked as a headteacher in two special schools to improve their educational outcomes.

Throughout my working life, my practise has been to promote the holistic development of each child/young person, ensuring their needs are identified and addressed through multi agency collaboration. This enables the development of an individualised curriculum and allows children/young people to realise their educational, social and personal potential.  I trust, my significant experience of working in a multi-agency context, liaising closely with a wide range of professionals (including parents, teachers, those in social care and health services) will be of benefit to all at Southlands.

I am really looking forward to working with all stakeholders of Southlands school to ensure a nurturing and enriching environment where our children and young people feel happy and safe, with the right support and high expectations in place are enabled to achieve their future aspirations.


Bobbie Dagnell

Head of Care

Roberta Dagnell

Having commenced my career as a support worker, and worked hard to progress within this particular field of work. Both by experience and study I have attained a wealth of experience which I can demonstrate confidently within my role as Head of Care at Southlands School.I know how important it is as a leader to develop staff skills, as this encourages an open and confident philosophy when supporting the young people, our overriding ethos will always be that the young people feel cared for, in an environment that is calm and nurturing.


My passion and drive enables me to look at innovative ways in which we as a team at Southlands can inspire our staff and young people to achieve the best outcomes in their journey of developing each individual’s independence alongside their confidence and self esteem. Having been a Registered manager for 18 years across various settings, I know how important it is to adhere to regulations and legislation as set out by the regulatory bodies. This is achieved by reviewing, developing and looking at inventive ways of surpassing expectations.


Safeguarding is a very important factor in environments such as this, as keeping the young people free from harm is always at the forefront of our minds as is providing safe and effective care.


Mark Stocker

Head of Inclusion and Engagement

Mark Stocker

Telephone: 01590 675350


General Enquiries


Telephone: 0161 507 3723


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Governance Board

Termly Governance Board meetings are held at Southlands School to ensure that the management of the school is closely scrutinised and held to account in all areas of responsibility.


The agenda comprises of:


✓ Voice of the Child - student feedback


✓ Head Teachers Highlight Report outlining achievements and challenges and progress against school improvement report


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Care


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Education


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Therapy


✓ Commercial Performance


✓ Staffing and Personnel


✓ Estates Report


✓ IT report


Chair of the board is Lisa Lyon who is contactable on


The Governance Board contain key individuals from outside and within the school who attend this meeting each term and parental and staff feedback is always welcomed.


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