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What is Cambian's Therapeutic approach?


Cambian offers high quality care and is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for children and young people. 


Many of the children and young people that we work with have significant problems with both identifying and managing their own emotions; there are children and young people who have experienced past sustained abuse and neglect, suffer from developmental disorders or complex difficulties. The therapeutic model we work on is therefore rooted in theories of trauma and attachment.


Behaviour management & emotional wellbeing


We believe that our education and care multi-disclipinary team and our foster parents, can provide effective placements in their work. Firstly, we believe that management of behaviour, and helping children recognise and regulate their own behaviour, is the basis of success. Secondly, enabling the child to establish and develop a coherent narrative of their lives is important. Thirdly, our collective team approach to help children and young people develop aspects of emotional wellbeing is central for healthy functioning and forming secure attachments to develop positive relationships with others.


Skilled supervision & support


In order to achieve this, our staff and our foster parents need a high level of skilled supervision and support, which we offer through our in-house clinical team. We believe a full holistic approach to the care of the child or young person is essential in their progress and opens them up to a range of opportunities.


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Ofsted Report 2017, Specialist CSE Children's Home Testimonial Image

“Young people develop excellent relationships with staff. Managers and staff are committed to helping young people understand the trauma that they have previously experienced. They are persistent in their efforts to keep young people safe now and in the future.” 

Ofsted Report 2017, Specialist CSE Children's Home