Complex Trauma Services

At Cambian, we focus on reaching positive outcomes for all of our children and we encourage feedback from all sources to ensure that our environments are the right settings to help and support their needs. Below is feedback from a social worker about one of our complex trauma homes, Skylark.


Before my child was even placed at Skylark, I was exceptionally impressed with the way in which the staff at Skylark went out of their way to find out all they could about the child, their needs and their interests. Staff were not fazed by the challenging behaviours I described, but seemed genuinely excited to meet my LAC. I was reassured by how staff call Skylark their “other home” in everyday language, giving Skylark a home feel compared to other residentials I have experienced. I feel before staff had even met my child, they already knew a lot about them. I was given a tour of the home which is beautiful, and all of the staff were friendly.


Two staff members then travelled a large distance to meet the child. The child was reluctant to engage, but the staff were patient and worked to the child's timescales. Both of the staff members played along when the child wanted to call them celebrity names, and this to the child will have been a big deal. The child was provided with a beautiful information booklet covering all areas of life at the home, which I was very impressed with as I had never seen a residential home do this for a child. It was wonderful to see the child actually excited to move, telling me that they would call Skylark "home", and that they would get to choose how they decorated their room.


The child was welcomed into the home as if she had always lived there, and given lots of one-to-one positive attention which she was in desperate need of. There were no issues with the child settling in, and I think this is largely due to the fact that the child instantly felt settled and introduced to a routine. Skylark staff have always kept me up to date with information and pieces of direct work, which I appreciate immensely. The child has felt comfortable to explore topics never mentioned to any of her previous carers, such as their sexuality and their sexual abuse. When the child decided they wanted to be called a boy, Skylark were nothing but supportive, and in time the child figured this out and decided she wanted to go back to her. Staff have always been very accomodating to visits, and I always feel welcomed. I feel that they have a very good understanding of the child's day-to-day life despite the fact they are out of county.


Most importantly, a very complex child who has experienced the of life on several occasions is happy. The child tells me loves Skylark, and when observing her you can see a difference in her confidence. I believe the child feels valued and settled, something no carer has been able to offer her before. From little things, such as the child being allowed to chose who they have read them a bedtime story, to consistent and empathetic therapeutic re-parenting, I am very happy with the care the child is receiving. The child calls me on a frequent basis and has lots of funny and exciting stories to tell me. The child is kept bus, amd I really like the fact they are supported and encouraged to form relationships with other children in the home. Skylark has a family feel.


I cannot thank the staff at Skylark enough, and I have nothing but positive things to say.


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