Specialist Education

Making things better one step at a time

Here at Grateley House School our aim is for all students to develop and improve their skills, so they can do the things they want to do within their lives, to the best of their ability.


We want to celebrate their successes and when they find something challenging, we will work alongside them to get things back on track.


The important thing is knowing what the next step is and that is how the Student Star helps.


How does the Student Star work?


The Student Star helps Key Workers to look at what your child’s life is like. It focuses on nine areas of life that are important to all young people such as practical skills and well-being.


Star Student 1


Each area comes with a five-step scale called the ‘Journey of Change’ and each step has a different colour.


Together with your child we will look at the different areas of their life and agree which colour step they are on. This helps us work out what needs to happen next to improve things for your child.


Together, we mark their colours on the Star once a term and as progress is made, their Star shape will get better.


Star Student 2


Top Quotation

Star outcomes have helped me visually see thje progress I have made during my time at Grateley house school. I found it helpful and enjoyable discussing my progress and what targets need to be put in place. In order to help me reach my future goal of going to university.

- Student, November 2021


I found completing the Student Star with my student brought out discussions they would often shy away from. We were able to have good discussions about our scores on the Star and how they varied from each other’s and give examples of situations which make them score the score given. A good tool to open up good discussions.

- Key Worker, 2021

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