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Edward's Journey

When we first met Edward*


Edward was 15 years old and living in a non-signing environment with his aunt. He could not live at home with his family and he was not able to attend any form of education or mix with his peer group because of his harmful sexual behaviour.


He was placed at one of our homes so that our team could work with him on these behaviours and to also manage a safe reintroduction to education.


When Edward came to us


We started the process by providing 1:1 support in the residential provision and supporting an 'outreach' tutor from the Royal Academy for Deaf Education in Exeter to undertake both vocational and academic work on site in our own classroom. This quickly led to a few mornings and afternoons a week of education within the grounds of the school, mixing with peers and being supported in social environments.


We worked with a local therapist who had extensive experience in working with issues of harmful sexual behaviour and because of the communication barrier, we used a highly experienced member of the team to facilitate communication between Edward and the therapist.


Edward's care


Episodes of his harmful sexual behaviour significantly reduced within 6-12 months through therapy and behaviour managment strategies. His collecting/hoarding behaviours significantly reduced within 18 months. 


Home visits became far more positive with reduced negative outbursts within 6-9 months and within 18 months Edward became comfortable with his own sexuality.


After a two-year course of therapy and intensive support we managed to understand the source of his behaviour. Edward has rebuilt his life and has a clear plan for his future. He lives independently and is now in a positive and healthy relationship.




Since leaving our care, he has set up his own flat, continued on a photography college course and started a part-time job.


*Name has been changed to protect identity

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