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Social, Emotional Mental Health is a term for children and young people that demonstrate difficulties with emotional regulation, social interaction and/or are experiencing mental health problems. This can include the child becoming withdrawn or isolated, as well as displaying challenging, distruptive or disturbing behaviour and may show inappropriate responses or feelings to situations. These behaviours may reflect other underlying mental health difficulties such as anxiety or depression. 


Many children and young people may also experience other co-occurring learning and communication difficulties such as Autism Spectrum Condition or ADHD.


SEMH does not need to be a lifelong condition, with the correct services and support children and young people can move forward and live independent and successful lives.


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Ofsted Report 2018, Specialist SEMH Day School Testimonial Image

"Pupils are very well supported by staff in learning to manage their behaviour. Staff are determined to not give up on these pupils, who have previously experienced a difficult or disruptive education."

Ofsted Report 2018, Specialist SEMH Day School