Fostering Services

Education & Participation

We understand that education plays a vital part in unlocking positive futures for all children and young people, that’s why we place the highest priority on our children and young people receiving a full education to meet all their needs. 


Education gives young people the opportunity to develop their life skills and experience to prepare for independence and their future. We aim to provide them with a bespoke range of opportunities, both within specialist or formal education and our informal range of learning programmes. 


Our specialist Social Care team and Education Advisors work with Foster Parents to ensure they are professionally supported to tackle any educational challenges and opportunities that may arise.


For more information, contact us here to speak to our experienced team.



Fostering Office Locations

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The By the Bridge with Cambian fostering offices are countryside locations, carefully chosen and decorated with bright colours, pictures and plants so that everyone experiences a sense of care, value and ‘a homely’ feel when they come to work or visit.

We aim to create an environment where people feel valued and can grow, develop and achieve their goals.