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Why Foster?

There are many reasons to Foster a child with complex needs or disabilities - most importantly, you can transform a child's life by offering them a home and the support that they really need. You already have many of the skills needed to make a fantastic Foster Parent; and can begin a new and rewarding career, with the flexibility to work from home with competitive pay, you could have the freedom to be full time parent again.


Foster Parents have a unique opportunity to make a real difference to a child's life, supporting them on a daily basis and working hard to help them achieve their personal best.


Thousands of children enter the care system across the UK every year due to a number of reasons, usually out of their control. This could be down to family bereavement, illness, problems at home or a situation where the child's safety and welfare has been compromised. Many may have experienced neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse or have a particular disability meaning that they need extra support and specialised care to help them overcome any personal or behavioural difficulties.


Every child's story is different, which inevitably plays a huge part in the child's day-to-day behaviour and needs. Their life experiences can cause each child and young person to react differently or express their feelings in different ways.


Our Foster Parents work with our childcare experts and a team of professional therapists, Supervising Social Workers and Education specialists to provide the highest standard of care possible - which is unique and tailored to the individual and particular needs of each child. Ultimately, Foster Parents are there to offer a child a safe and nurturing home, a sense of security, love, support and positive upbringing.


Fostering can be a rewarding and life-changing career giving you the opportunity to work from home with children. This means it is also possible to combine Fostering with caring for your own children. In addition to the training and 24/7 support you will receive from us, all Foster Parents receive a weekly allowance which will help to cover the cost of looking after a child as well as a competitive fee for the work that you do.


More and more Foster Parents are needed across the UK ever month, so that children can live with a loving family in their local area. It is vital that children are matched to families that are beneficial to them in terms of location, education, care, lifestyle, culture and language, etc. We ensure that children that are referred to us are carefully matched to the best family who can provide them with the best care and support. As a parent of a child with a disability or complex needs, you already have the skills and experience to look after a child with similar needs – making you vitally important to help us find safe, nurturing homes for more children.


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Fostering Office Locations

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The By the Bridge with Cambian fostering offices are countryside locations, carefully chosen and decorated with bright colours, pictures and plants so that everyone experiences a sense of care, value and ‘a homely’ feel when they come to work or visit.

We aim to create an environment where people feel valued and can grow, develop and achieve their goals.