Complex Trauma Services

We aim to address the immediate and long terms comsequences of childen's exposure to maltreatment and other multifaceted traumatic experiences. Exposure that results in a loss of core capacities for self-regulation and interpersonal relatedness.


Children in our services have typically suffered more than the seven of the following 'Adverse Childhood Experiences'


● Physical abuse

● Sexual abuse

● Emotional abuse

● Physical neglect

● Emotional neglect

● Intimate partner violence

● Mother treated violently

● Substance misuse within household

● Household mental illness

● Parental separation or divorce

● Incarcarated household member


We support the recovery of children through our integrated team:




The care team is made up of over 150 staff across 11 Specialist Residential Care Homes, who are all trained in therapeutic approaches and complex trauma




Our holistic therapeutic package is informed and supported by a dedicated clinical team, comprising of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Art and Drama Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Life Story Work - read more about our multi-disciplinary staff here.




Our education team offer access to Cambian SEMH schools within each locality



If you would like some advice or more information on our services and what we can do for you, email us here, or call 0161 507 3723 to discuss a referral in confidence.


The Impact of Complex Trauma:

• Disrupts the integration of Mind - Body - Emotions - A child's social skills

• Projects their trauma onto everything - everything is a threat

• Defence mechanisms are taken over by their trauma

• Disrupts their attachment style, play and exploration, sociability, sexuality

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