Cambian Beverley School

Young people have the opportunity to develop to their full potential in preparation of their future life where there is a passion for learning and mutual respect for all.


The aims of the curriculum are to:


• To be in a place of learning where all pupils are encouraged to become independent and effective learners in their own right, in order to realise their full potential.


• Provide equal opportunities for all students regardless of gender, aptitude, cultural, ethnic or religious background.


• Emphasise the importance of language, number, aesthetic, physical and social areas of learning and the associated competency in them.


• Ensure that all pupils will have the opportunity to follow the National Curriculum with individually designed programmes as appropriate.


• Provide continuity and progression from the point of transition to the time of leaving school.


• Provide a well-ordered, positive and supportive environment where each student has the opportunity to flourish, regardless of their personal circumstances and abilities.


• Develop industrial and economic awareness through the various subject areas, work related and vocational learning.


• Help pupils develop personal, spiritual and moral values and to grow in social and personal maturity and to promote tolerance, sensitivity and mutual respect in personal relationships.


• Challenge and deal both quickly and effectively with all forms of bullying, aggression, racial, sexual and verbal harassment and abuse, resolving conflict, wherever possible, in non-violent ways, and through our teaching and pastoral care, address the underlying causes of these issues.


• To be a school which celebrates achievement, encourages initiatives, develops responsibility and fosters a pride in the school, its environment and its community.


Subjects include:

• Mathematics

• Science

• Technology

• Culture

• Creative

• Linguistic

• Physical

• Vocational

• Human/Social


Pupils, depending on their ability, will have the opportunity to gain qualifications and awards at:

• GSCE 9-1

•Functional Skills

• Entry Level

• Accredited Unit Awards

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