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➜ Student Term Dates 2024/2025

➜ Student Term Dates 2023/2024



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 Cambian Wing College News & Events


Mental Health Awareness Week

➜ Picture of the Day

➜ Welcoming our new students for a new academic year!

 Bradley Donates his Long Hair for The Little Princess Trust!

➜  Lucas' Work Experience at Swanage Railway

➜  "This Is Me"

➜  Tiki Bar at Pear Tree

➜  Employability Day

➜  Rachel's Italian Adventure

➜  AFC Bournemouth are one of Connor's Biggest Fans!

➜  From Cricketer To Coach!

➜  Emily ‘embarks’ on a new business idea for the ‘purrfect’ fundraising plan

➜  Wing College's Christmas Jumper Day!

➜  Philip's 70th Celebrations at Wing College

➜  Enterprise Day at Cambian Wing College

➜  Easter Egg appeal for Bournemouth Food Bank

➜  CQC Review

➜  University Offers

➜  Personalised PPE

➜  Covid 19 - Letter to all Parents, Guardians and Staff


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