Specialist Education


When we first met John*


John had difficulty taking in new information and found it hard to concentrate as he tried to make sense of the world around him. He was unable to keep up with others and his feelings of frustration would make him angry and physically aggressive.


When John came to Cambian New Elizabethan School


John was diagnosed with Aspergers. He worried about how he was different to others and worried about how others viewed him. As such he would sometimes choose poor behaviours and get involved with the other young people when it was not necessary.


John's care

With a consistent team of supporters around him, John learnt to trust others and to discover his potential. He managed to follow a full timetable and began to engage in his lessons. John also began to socialise with other students.

John learnt to cope with his anger and frustration and to see situations in a different way. He began to feel calmer, more confident and was soon happily taking the lead. John was very willing to help other students whether it be showing them around or helping out in lessons.

In his final year with Cambian New Elizabethan, John was able to access the School Therapy Team to discuss his personal life and to learn how to handle his feelings. He developed the self-confidence to stretch and push himself; he was able to concentrate for long periods of time.

John began boxing; this further strengthened his focus and determination. He also received the School Award for the most improved student and a bursary from the Hartlebury Old Elizabethan Society




John has become a great role model for his peers as he is confident, positive and motivated.

John has achieved many qualifications such as Level 1 in Maths and Level 2 in English, ICT and food technology. These enabled him to secure a place at a sixth form college where he is studying Sports, putting his people skills and determination into practice. John has completed his first amateur boxing bout and is now learning to drive a car.


What is the future like for John?


John has settled in to college and is aspiring to be a sports teacher or coach while continuing his boxing. He pops in to visit us now and again to tell us how well he is doing, and to share his success.


*Name has been changed to protect identity

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