Hill House School

We never underestimate the importance of a place. Comfortable surroundings combined with the right education and care, produce a feeling of ease and security which is essential for children with autism.


We understand residential schools can never replace a student's home, but we make every effort to create a welcoming, family environment where they feel safe and comfortable. In addition, our staff are caring professionals, who also demonstrate many of the characteristics of good parents. They apply a gentle, yet firm and consistent approach providing the emotional and educational support our students need.

For children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, this variety of educational experience can be wonderfully therapeutic. The satisfaction of working with nature combined with our active therapeutic input produce extraordinary tangible results. These are valuable, hands-on experiences that help our students to understand more about their world and more about themselves. 



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Hill House School has well-designed classrooms, sensory rooms and vast outdoor spaces with garden areas for our students to plant, explore and experience different sensory activities. Accommodation is offered in small living groups with a calm and friendly ambience.

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