Specialist Education

Young people are invited to take part in 'home chats' and to make a whole range of choices about what they would like to cook, where they would like to go and what they would like to do .













Contact with Home


With online calls becoming a way of life, this gives a great opportunity for families and young people to see each other and spend some time together.


Regular contact is promoted for each young person and their family in a way that works best.


We are still improving this as we learn more – it is all about quality rather than quantity and finding what suits each family relationship. It is a great way of ensuring that families can feel involved in the day to day life at Hill House with their young person.


We are just about to look at how we can further improve online contact and really create an individual plan for each family.


Supporting conversations over Facetimes with family



Writing letters home


Each week young people compose a letter home using the Colourful Semantics approach and their Talk Pad. This is an opportunity to share how they might be feeling and to celebrate achievements.


“Let’s write a letter!” 

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