Great Dunmow School

Student Profile

• Socially and emotionally vulnerable children and young people aged 11 to 19

• Has an Education Health Care Plan/Statement of Educational Needs with a primary diagnosis of social, emotional and mental health difficulties rather than another diagnosis such as ASD

• Without an Education Health Care Plan who have ongoing presentation of SEMH difficulties characterized by challenging behaviours , physical and verbal aggression

• May have other associated difficulties such as specific learning difficulties, social and communication issues, ADD, ADHD, inappropriate behaviour and attachment disorder

• Have been excluded for mainstream settings or have had several unsuccessful educational placements


• have gaps in learning and likely to be working below age related expectations (ARE)

• Have been previous negative experiences of school, learning and the curriculum

• Are disengaged or exhibit poor learning behaviours

• May have difficulties forming relationships with adults and peers

• Have difficultly managing in large groups and being taught in a traditional manner

• May demonstrate extreme emotional and behavioural response when given instructions or challenged and need support to regulate emotions

Referral Process

We accept referrals all year round for children and young people whose places are funded by a United Kingdom placing authority. The school provide spaces for day students who are living at home with parents or foster carers as well as Looked After Children (LAC) who are residents within Cambian residential services or other residential service external to Cambian. All referrals into our services are planned. We do not take emergency placements.


If you would like some advice or to make a referral for Great Dunmow School, contact us here.

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