Residential Services

Our services focus on preparing individuals to transition into the community by promoting independent living skills, community activities and choice. In addition to residential care, we also offer planned respite services. Our team consists of an occupational therapist, assistant psychologist, a registered manager, team leaders, key workers and support workers.


Our specialist Mental Health residential homes for children and young adults are for individuals who have mental health difficulties as a presenting primary need.


We have dedicated team(s) to provide the support that these young peoples need to stabilise and thrive in our homes.  We residents through an in-depth and integrated approach to recovery, with a view to helping them gain skills for independent community living.  Our efforts are under pinned by our mission to ensure that every young person is safe and free from harm, and to provide outstanding individualised care. We cater for people from a range of cultures and ethnicities, with varying emotional, social or behavioural difficulties. This ethos runs through the core of our homes and staff team and it helps us to plan care packages tailored to each individual young person. The emphasis is on building positive relationships with the young person and providing strong role modelling.


Our multi-disciplinary team(s) consist of assistant psychology who will use aspects of dyadic developmental psychotherapy, including PACE techniques, and incorporated these into a therapeutic package, alongside dialectical behaviour therapy techniques, targeted therapeutic work and trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy.


Our overall aim is to provide a stable environment for young people, where they can learn to utilise and build upon their own self-soothing skills, mindfulness, resilience and emotional regulation abilities, and are able to move forward in their journey towards independent living.


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