Specialist Education

➜ Hill House School Say "Hurray" For The Holidays!

➜ 'Oh no they didn't!'

➜ Sixth Form's Christmas Stall

➜ He's behind you!

➜ 'Bee Kind'

➜ 'Green Dragon's Den'

➜ A Helping of History for Hill House School

➜ Hill House has it is very own Defibrillator

➜ Martyn's Caretech Award Success!

➜ 'Pier to Pier' swim brings defibrillator to Hill House

➜  Hill House Harvest Festival Celebrations

➜  Celebration Day at Hill House

➜  From Garden to Table

➜  World Book Day at Hill House School

➜  Hill House Celebrate National Careers Week!

➜  Cambian Hill House School Win Two Care Awards!

➜  Hill House Create Anti-Bullying Music Video!

➜  Hill House has their say on Anti-Bullying Week

➜  Emily makes the move to adult life with digital story

➜  A huge success for Hill House Students!

➜  Hill House School celebrate wellbeing


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