Child Sexual Exploitation

Children and young people have bespoke clinical packages that are tailored to meet their needs.


Art Therapy


This provides an opportunity to explore emotions through creative and play-based therapeutic interventions


Holistic Therapeutic Environment


A therapeutic parenting approach that uses current attachment and trauma theory to help children and carers develop their relationships




Psychotherapy is used to help participants discuss and understand their emotional difficulties


Modular Dialectical Behaviour Therapy


DBT is designed to help change patterns of behaviour that can be destructive, such as self-harm, suicidal thinking and substance abuse




Mindfulness aims to make people aware of their own thoughts and behaviours and encourages them to take control of the emotions caused by such thoughts


Dyadic Development Psychotherapy


DDP was developed for use in families where there are attachment issues or seperation from familiar caregivers


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


CBT aims to improve problem management skills by looking at issues from another perspective and changing behaviour patterns


Healthy Relationships


This focuses on teaching young people how to form healthy relationships with adults and peers


Life Story Work


Life story work aims to help children better understand their past, defining lines between reality and fiction


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