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"When Whinfell School was first proposed to us as a suitable school for our grandson/son, our first thoughts were concerns about how far away from home our boy would be.


However, after several traumatic years with very little education or appropriate help, we agreed to investigate Whinfell School.  It sounded so perfect; with it's individualised specialist care, Therapeutic Outdoor Learning, multidisciplinary clinical offer, and strong educational and residential teams.


Setting aside the problem of distance, we made a five hour journey to Whinfell School and discovered  a unique and incredible School.


During and after that initial visit, we were all blown away by the beautiful countryside that fills the lakes and the school that looks more like a lovely home than a school. We were made to feel so welcome and it was so obvious that everyone whom we met was very happy.


Our boy was also amazed, after seeing and hearing what he might do in this school.  He too obviously felt a lovely atmosphere.  His dislike of all schools, determination not to be residential or so far from home soon dissipated and he was saying "this is my school! I want to come here to this school!”. And so it was.


Starting at Whinfell School our grandson/son has quickly settled, is very happy and he is responding well to the care and education he now receives. Initial homesickness soon passed and the distance from home became insignificant.  The boys are so busy and enjoying life that we think he probably does not miss us as much as we miss him!  Fitting visits into their busy schedules is a happy task.


The staff are always happy to help, advise and reassure us and of course the all the boys have their computers, phones and even letters to keep in touch with us all.


Finally, do bring your boy to look at Whinfell, there is surely no better school than this one! If your boy falls in love with it as ours did, then distance from home will become insignificant."

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