Cambian Somerset School

A Tailored Approach


Learning at Somerset School is organised to meet a wide range of learning needs and each personalised curriculum can be accessed on different levels according to the young person’s needs, tailored to optimise individual rates of progress and attainment and encourages the development of confident, well adjusted, sensitive and independent students.


Curriculum Organisation and Structure


Somerset School provide each student with an individualised and personalised education pathway which addresses their specific needs to live a fulfilled life in a challenging and changing world. A comprehensive programme based on the national curriculum is offered at Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4. Small class groups or on a 1:1 basis, with a high level of staff support, enable our students to access a suitably differentiated curriculum.


Curriculum Overview


Our curriculum is designed to be both broad and accessible, reflecting our holistic approach to learning. It offers our students the opportunity to enjoy the process of learning, and in so doing, reach their maximum potential.


• We set appropriate learning challenges to enable each young person the opportunity to experience success


• We respond to each individuals needs by creating a bespoke educational programme that takes into account their interests and strengths


• We provide appropriate resources to enable curriculum access and to overcome any obstacles to learning


By working collaboratively with carers/parents and young people we aim to:


• Provide a positive, safe and nurturing environment where students and staff feel happy and secure in the process of learning


• Provide access to high quality education and pastoral care that will enhance personal development, stimulate growth and provide equal opportunities


• Develop students’ self-esteem, independence and awareness of, and consideration for, the feelings and the needs of others within the school and community


• Encourage young people to positively manage their own behaviours and difficulties


In addition to the core curriculum of English, Maths, Science & PSHE the curriculum for students aged 10-18 years is structured to enable them to acquire the necessary skills to develop independence in their adult lives.


Programmes are designed to promote personal, social and vocational skills needed to prepare them for life after they leave formal education. Students are offered the opportunity to access programmes across the curriculum at all levels up to and including GCSE level.


Key Stage 5 Curriculum


Students that remain with us into Key Stage 5 will follow a bespoke curriculum which could involve work experience, advanced certificates and extended learning from Key Stage 4 courses. All students will have focussed careers guidance to ensure a successful transition whether that is into work or further education.


Alternative Provision


Somerset School have links with some excellent alternative provisions which allow us to provide students with the following vocational experience and accreditation if appropriate:


• Motor Mechanics


• Carpentry


• Bricklaying


• Animal Care


• Land Based Studies


• Equine studies


• 1:1 Mentoring


During the assessment process we will consider if a student would benefit from working with one of our alternative provisions. This will then be discussed and agreed by all stakeholders

Subjects include:



• Functional Skills

• Entry Level

• Vocational Placements


Options at Key Stage Four Include:


• Food and Nutrition

• Art and Design

• Creative Media

• Photography

• Animal Care

• Mechanics


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