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Our Mission

We are one of the largest providers of specialist education and behavioural health services for children in the UK.


Although our work embraces specialist disciplines, it is united by a common purpose: to actively enable each and every one of the children and young people in our care to achieve their personal best, however it is defined by them or for them.


We provide services to almost 2,000 children and young people across 224 locations. We work with the majority of local authorities in England and Wales and employ more than 4,000 people.


Our Vision


Our vision is to become the highest quality provider of specialist children's education and behavioural health services in the UK.


Our Belief


Everyone has a personal best

Everyone can find something to aim for

Everyone can achieve something special

And everyone should have the opportunity to strive for it




No matter their situation

No matter what specific challenges they might be facing

We will actively enable the people in our care to achieve their personal best


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"The teaching methods used are very appropriate to meet the child's need. The staff are always very approachable and willing to take the time to discuss any areas of the child's development or social care".


Local Authority Representative