Specialist Education

Here at Cambian Brook View School we are very lucky to have staff who go the extra mile to ensure all our young people are happy with their environment. A staff member and her partner made this sensory wall, this is to help our young people to reduce stress levels and improve self-awareness.


It will also assist in helping them with their gross motor skills and to learn cause and effect. As you can see – it contains a wide variety of feelings and textures for our young people to explore and get the stimulation they may need or crave. It also has the interesting feature of lighting up in the dark with a UV torch.


We also hope, along with all the work we do in our classrooms it will contribute to improving the communication skills, developing the social skills and increasing the self –confidence of the young people at our wonderful school.


This wall was very kindly, created and donated by our TA Lisa and her husband. They are both very arty and crafty and spent their own time designing, researching and creating each individual piece of work for the wall. It is a phenomenal addition to the school.