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People with AS generally make efforts to adapt socially, because of a genuine desire for social contact. Unfortunately, making and maintaining friendships and social interactions can be problematic.


People with Asperger Syndrome may:


• Not understand the unwritten social rules around things such as, social timing, personal space, appropriate eye contact, polite responses or comments

• Have an apparent lack of empathy for others

• Appear socially withdrawn, aloof or disinterested in others as a way of being or as a way of coping

• Have problems knowing what a friend is, being able to choose appropriate friends, recognising true friends from 'false' friends, the ability to share a friend, deal with peer pressure

• Have problems with play such as observational skills, joining play, turn-taking, sharing, compromising, conflict resolution, coping with 'no', coping with losing, reciprocal play, ending play

• Not be able to deal appropriately with conflict through anger management and self-regulation skills, the ability to ask for help, being assertive but not aggressive, dealing with bullying, etc


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