Bletchley Park School

Head Teacher

Laura Sharman

Telephone: 01908 048380

"Laura is Head Teacher at Cambian Bletchley Park School and has a wealth of experience in school improvement, special educational needs, pastoral care and behavioural management. Her previous roles have included Head of Department, SENCo, Local Authority advisory teacher and senior leadership roles in both primary and secondary mainstream schools and within special educational needs establishments, including those specialising in autism. Her child-centred approach put the students' individual needs at the heart of the support packages provided at Bletchley Park."


General Enquiries


Telephone: 0161 507 3723


Governance Board

Termly Governance Board meetings are held at Bletchley Park School to ensure that the management of the school is closely scrutinised and held to account in all areas of responsibility.


The agenda comprises of:


✓ Voice of the Child - student feedback


✓ Head Teachers Highlight Report outlining achievements and challenges and progress against school improvement report


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Care


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Education


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Therapy


✓ Commercial Performance


✓ Staffing and Personnel


✓ Estates Report


✓ IT report


The Governance Board contain key individuals from outside and within the school who attend this meeting each term and parental and staff feedback is always welcomed.