Specialist Education

The Year 7 students have been working really hard in their DT lessons and using their skills and different techniques to create some really fantastic projects.


Cat Badge: In this unique piece Emily carefully selected a ‘purr-fect’ picture of a cat to make her light up badge.


Emily glued the cut out shape to the dense polystyrene plastic, before carefully cutting out the shape using the scroll saw. Then using a soldering iron, she joined together all the electronic components so that the LED eyes would light up when the push switch is pressed.


What an ‘a-meow-zing’ piece of work!




Wooden helicopter: Ayden’s cool wooden helicopter is made from recycled pine sections. He designed the shapes of the parts himself and cut out and fitted all the relevant parts together.


Ayden didn’t want to paint the final model as he felt it looked great just in the plain wood finish. He has already taken it home and his parents were delighted to see his excellent efforts.




Base Camp Classroom Sign: Dimitrios has worked hard to make this out of largely recycled materials, MDF sections for the letters and plywood for the base board.


It is now proudly on display outside the classroom for all to see. Great work!


Cat Mask: This was constructed by Ash from a plastic basic face mask and the adornments were then carefully added to bring the whole mask to life.


Various segments of different materials were used to form the parts for the mask then they were all assembled and glued into place. What a ‘purr-fect’ result!



Balancing Toy: Ayden’s balancing toy was made of MDF wood which he cut out carefully on the scroll saw. He then cut a piece of welding rod to make the balancing bar.


Ayden then attached the weighted bar to the wooden toy with the glue gun. He was amazed when the toy would balance simply on one leg! What an impressive piece of work!