Our Specialisms

It is paramount that we achieve consistency throughout our team. Our services are delivered in purpose-built state-of-the-art buildings and are led by an in-house multi-disciplinary team (MDT) consisting of a range of professionals including:


✓ Psychiatrists

✓ Psychologists

✓ Speech and Language Therapists

✓ Nurses

✓ Teachers

✓ Social Workers

✓ Support Workers

✓ Occupational Therapists


Our MDT work in synergy to delivery a holistic approach to education and student development, all of which is achieved through our unique Active Learning model. The effective communication between these teams is integral to the successes of our students. 


We recognise that it is not just professionals that contribute to the development of young people. We also aim to integrate the role of the parent by continually communicating the progress that we are making and we always ask for as much input and feedback as possible.


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"The teaching methods used are very appropriate to meet the child's need. The staff are always very approachable and willing to take the time to discuss any areas of the child's development or social care".


Local Authority Representative