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River Cottage - Children's Home for Learning Disabilities


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County Durham

River Cottage 

River Cottage provides an innovative, dynamic, alternative service to traditional learning and developmental disability services, for young people.


We have proven track record of reintergraiton into a meaningful community life, including education and academic achievement. We place a strong emphasis on the importance of developing social skills, life skills and citizenship and actively promote opportunities to participate in the local community life.


Our core ethos at River Cottage is that we have the individual at the centre of all we do. Our individualty model upderpins and informs all of our services and operations.


At River Cottage we continuously strive to create the type of innovative approach that emcompasses the values of meaningful citizenship with the recognition of the importance of the individual. While we ensure that by listening to the young people and their families, we are able to creatively respond to changing needs and provide a robust service that is both responsive and effective.