Specialist Education

 Parents Feedback


“Our son has improved in leaps and bounds.  He did so well when he was home last time and went out for a meal.  It was beautiful to see him eating his ice cream without spilling it.  His Aunt was thrilled to see this and so impressed.  I want to thank Andrew and Callum and their teams for all they do.”

- Parents comments from annual review September 2021



“The regular updates on the activities that my son has been engaged in during education and at the care home and the photographs of him from the School (especially enjoying himself horse riding, swimming and engaging in class and in the gym) has provided me with great comfort and relief that he is coping very well, making progress and is happy.” 

- Parent


"Words can't do justice for the work of the terrific staff at The Forum School! The past year has been hard for everyone but even more so for the families and communities of those with special needs. The dedication and commitment of the Management, Teaching and Care Staff at The Forum School to provide exceptional care and teaching for our children has always been excellent but over the past year, in some very trying circumstances, all the staff have been absolutely outstanding.


During these difficult months, when so many of the normal activities that add to our lives have been curtailed, staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that our son's complex needs have been met and that he is happy and content. We have been humbled and very moved by the devotion of the staff to the children in their care, especially given the ongoing impact they will be experiencing in their own lives outside of work.


As a family, we have struggled with the situation, not being able to visit our son regularly. Knowing that he is so well cared for has been an enormous comfort to us and we are so very grateful to you all.  The running and organisation of the school over the past year has been superb and we would like to thank you personally for this. It's very clear to us, as parents, that the wonderful attitude and efforts of the staff are supported and encouraged by you and make The Forum School the wonderful place that it is."

- Parents, April 2021



"Firstly, knowing that my vulnerable child is being taken care of by such amazing people is a HUGE weight off my mind. I can’t even explain how much it means to parents like myself knowing that our kids lives are in good hands! It’s a true blessing.


The amount of effort you’ve all put in during this crazy time can’t be ignored. You ALL deserve a medal. Honestly, for the rest of our lives, we will all be eternally grateful for everything you do for our son. He’s a better person since joining the Forum school; happier, more content, more engaged in life and activities. He’s come out of his shell and has flourished! 


Even with his ups and downs being so dramatic, he’s truly bonded with the staff. The way he reacts to you all and clearly trusts you is just amazing to see, and quite honestly brings tears to my eyes.  Knowing he’s safe and actually genuinely cared for. I honestly couldn’t be a happier mum! You will all have a place in our hearts forever. Thank you to all of you for every tiny bit of energy you put into making our children’s lives better! I can’t praise you all enough. Love to every single one of you for all you do - you’re all my heroes!"

- Parent, April 2021



"At the start of the pandemic, we took the decision for our son to remain at home, mainly due to family circumstances and the fact that little was known regarding the virus at the time. It was a difficult time for us all and we know that you, as a school, were adjusting to new ways to ensure everyone’s safety.


The introduction of Zoom sessions from the Therapy Team, daily online lessons with Lucy, and chats with his peers helped our son feel in-touch. It very much boosted his moral and helped him to engage more at home whilst feeling part of the school.


We'd like to extend a massive THANK YOU to you all, nothing has been too much trouble, The Forum School stands head and shoulders above all other schools we have encountered."

- Parent, April 2021



"I can’t thank the staff enough for everything they’ve done, it’s been such a challenging year for everyone. The staff have had to deal with a lot of questions that no one really had the answers to and every step has been taken to keep the children safe. It’s down to the hard work that everyone put in to safeguard and ensuring every smile kept going! For this I say a BIG Thank you to The Forum School."

- Parent, April 2021