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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that deciding where to send your child to school and entrusting their care with someone else is daunting. Therefore we know you will need as much information as possible to help make the right choice for your child.


Below are a range of our most frequently asked questions to help you. Prefer to email us or speak to someone? Contact us here, or call 0800 138 1184



➜  What does the Cambian Group do?


➜  What Specialisms do you cover?


➜  How do I make a general enquiry about your services?


➜  I don't understand my child's behaviour?


➜  How do I get an EHCP?


➜  Can I choose what school my child goes to?


➜  How do I arrange a school visit?


➜  How are families involved?


➜  How does the referral process work?


➜  What are therapeutic services?


➜  Do you take private candidates?


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