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Discover what the staff and children have been doing over the term:


➜ Easter 2024 Showcase


➜ Sanctuary Project


➜  May 2023


➜  Brax Goes Wild!


➜  School Games Bronze Award


➜  Students Compete In Cricket Finals!


➜  Spring Hill are The Champions!


➜  Easter Egg Donation


➜  Flying Through Finance Studies!


➜  Spring Hill School's Christmas Market Stall!


➜  Things Get Heated at Spring Hill School This Week


➜  Celebrating our Learning Support Assistants


➜  Spring Hill Students Reap What They Sow


➜  Spring Hill Summer Book Club


➜  Spring Hill School Students Practice their Table Cricket!


Spring Hill School Newsletters


Please click below to access a copy of our latest newsletter where you’ll find lots of interesting articles about the fantastic learning and enrichment experiences that have been taking place across the school.


We also hope you will benefit from our articles that relate to safeguarding.


➜  2023 Spring Newsletter


➜  2022 Summer Newsletter


➜  2021 Easter Fayre!


➜  2021 Spring Newsletter


➜  2020 Autumn Newsletter


➜  2020 Spring Newsletter

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