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Therapeutic Fostering

The aim of everything we do at By the Bridge with Cambian is to assist children and young people in accessing equal opportunities to build a successful life. By its very nature, having to be Fostered usually means that the child is already significantly disadvantaged in having an equal chance alongside their peers who have grown up from birth in a stable, nurturing home. To be placed 'in care' signals the loss of a basic birth right - to be nurtured and raised by sensitive, consistent parents who are attuned to your needs and can meet them.


Neglect or abuse during the formative years, when the brain and mind are ’wiring up’ to understand the world, is traumatic, particularly if the experience has featured consistent abuse and/or neglect. When traumatic experiences are over, the symptoms are not, and a child could be consumed by the impact of their trauma well into their adulthood if they do not receive the right help. Once they are placed with us, we do everything we possibly can to heal the trauma of abuse, neglect, loss and rejection.


Foster parents are a vital component of our care model. Our placement breakdown rates are very low indeed - testimony that very few children are too difficult to look after in a suitably matched family.


Therapeutic fostering isn’t about becoming a therapist, it is a way of parenting a child who missed out on healthy emotional development and milestones in their early years. Traumatised children need a lot of help and encouragement to develop the positive self-esteem and confidence they need to do well in education and life in general. We have many truly exceptional families who do this impressive work every day.


We all have a genuine sense of responsibility to help each other uphold the values and principles of our organisational culture.


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Fostering Office Locations

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The By the Bridge with Cambian fostering offices are countryside locations, carefully chosen and decorated with bright colours, pictures and plants so that everyone experiences a sense of care, value and ‘a homely’ feel when they come to work or visit.

We aim to create an environment where people feel valued and can grow, develop and achieve their goals.