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Students are encouraged and support to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles, with a focus on positive social and emotional wellbeing.


Residential students take an active role in planning the weekly menu for their accommodations. Strong emphasis is placed on providing students with the knowledge and support to make food choices which contribute to a healthy diet. Shopping for food is an integral part of the practical life skills curriculum that gives students the opportunity to learn about food labelling and to select healthy options when out in the community.


Our catering team also provides balanced healthy meals and snacks, served from the college refectory. Health and well-being a key role in making sure students’ health needs are supported appropriately and that students, through specific programmes, are increasingly encouraged to where possible gain the necessary skills to also manage their own medical needs.


Faith and Worship

At Cambian Lufton College we understand how important it is that students are supported to participate in worship according to their beliefs. There are a variety of places of worship in the local communities near to the College.


Student Voice

The Council consists of elected students who are chosen to represent the views of all the students. The representatives meet regularly to initiate projects and develop new ideas.


They work to solve problems, influence and make changes in order to act in the best interests of the College. They suggest improvements to ensure that views are listened to and respected.


Students also have regular access to an independent advocate who visits the college regularly and who will act on their behalf should they feel they would like to raise concerns.


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Therapy & Clinical Services for young people with Autism

Whilst at Cambian Lufton College, we encourage our students to pursue their interests and provide them the support they need to meet their agreed targets and consistently achieve their personal best. Our range of multidisciplinary therapies are delivered by a highly skilled and passionate team who work together to achieve a holistic inclusive environment.


Read the Clinical Team Handbook here.


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Speech & Language Therapy


Support for students Speech and Language Therapy needs is provided by qualified Therapists who are supported by Therapy Assistants. Their role involves:


• Providing staff training across the College around making and using specific communication strategies (e.g. PECS, Intensive Interaction, Talking Mats, Key Word signing)

• Producing individual Communication Profile (CP) documents for all students

• Supporting the College to achieve an Inclusive Communication (IC) environment where all modes of communication are equally valued and supporte

• Meeting the Speech and Language Therapy recommendations stated on students EHCP

• Providing assessment and support for other specific communication needs through referrals to the SLT Team

• Contributing to progress reports for students Review Meetings and giving advice about EHCP amendments

• Providing general advice around specific students' communication goals, resources or environment as needed


Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy (OT) is a 'doing' therapy, we believe people are innately occupational beings & at Lufton College the OT role includes:


• Meeting the Occupational Therapy recommendations stated on students' EHCP

• Working with students and their support staff to support student choice, control and independence in work, leisure and self-care activities

• The OT will work with students and their support staff within educational sessions and in their residences

• Some students will require a period of 1:1 Occupational Therapy intervention or will attend a group OT workshop

• The OT will provide recommendations to the wider support team of strategies, activities or environmental adaptation to support learning and development


Psychological Support


The Psychologist at Lufton College supports students   who might be struggling with their emotions and/or behaviour. This may be part of a recognised mental health problem or simply be a need that has arisen more recently.


Input offered will vary according to individual need but will usually consist of an assessment or information-gathering process, followed by an offer of either individual sessions or behavioural observations and staff support. Psychology input is evidenced-based and will aim to help individuals understand their difficulties and work to achieve specific goals, identified together.


Where individual work is offered this will be over an agreed period followed by a review.


Psychiatric Support


There is a visiting psychiatrist to Lufton College who attends once a week. The psychiatrist provides consultation to the clinical team in multidisciplinary case discussions meetings. The psychiatrist also provides medication reviews for the students who have a 52 week residential placement and who are not under the care of other psychiatric services.


Music Therapy


Music therapy is a clinical intervention that uses music-based experiences to aid people with their physical, cognitive, emotional and psychological needs. The sessions are tailored to the student’s individual needs and can help with the attainment of clinical and EHCP goals. There are many different ways in which a music therapist can use music within their sessions, for example:

  • Musical improvisation
  • Song writing
  • Listening to music
  • Composition

However, this is not an exhaustive list as there are many other techniques in which music therapist can use.

Music therapist are trained to tune into their clients by observation of body movements, facial expressions and other micro movements. They react musically or verbally to connect with their client and use a range of evidence-based interventions from which they build on a therapeutic relationship.

At Lufton College the resident music therapist works within a multi-disciplinary team. They participate in regular therapy meetings and work alongside all the staff to help with supporting successful interventions that happen within music therapy that may be beneficial to student across all area in the college.

Music therapist are a regulated body of professionals registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Association of Music Therapy (BAMT).

There are many ways in which music therapy can help:

  • Self-expression and self-exploration
  • Motor skills
  • Building relationships
  • A supportive environment
  • Help with anxieties.
  • Allows for space, silence, and reflection.
  • Promotes physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Builds on confidence and initiation.
  • Communication skills.
  • Creativity


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We assess the skills required to achieve, including: physical, sensory, knowledge, timing, organisational, problem solving and communication, motivational skills and occupational patterns.

Lufton College's Therapy Team

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