Bletchley Park School

Bletchley Park Curriculum & School Environment

We have a flexible approach to learning, personalising the curriculum and teaching groups to meet students' individual learning needs and abilities.


Cambian Bletchley Park School offers a diverse, active and highly structured curriculum within an environment that is calm, consistent and purposeful. We aim to ensure that all areas of need from the individuals Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) are well provided for.


We educate students through a thematic and experiental approach to learning, as an extension of the National Curriculum, on which our own curriculum is based. We provide personalised learning programmes with a curriculum that has inherent flexibility to ensure the needs of individual students are met.


In additional to our enriching curriculum, there is a special focus on assisting students with the development of communication skills, which is a key area of difficulty for most of the students. A dedicated speech and language therapist works with the individual students, as well as small groups and staff, to ensure that they are given every opportunity to manage and overcome the challenges they face with communication. All lessons focus on the development of speech and language skills through carefully planned learning activities, designed to meet students' individual needs.


Many students benefit from specific lessons in social speaking and communication, including the possibility of developing an appreciation of sign language.




There are three key routes available for post-16 students at Cambian Bletchley Park School:


Progress to a college of further education on a full-time basis while remaining at Cambian Bletchley Park School to study other subjects


Progress to a college of further education on a part-time basis while remaining at Cambian Bletchley Park School to study other subjects


Remain at the School on a full-time basis until the end of their studies


Whatever the appropriate route for each student, we are able to provide the right level of support to ensure success.


Bletchley Park School Environment


Cambian Bletchley Park School has been built and designed based on many years' experience of providing highly successful specialist education services. The environment at the school is structured, stable and secure, with well-planned timetables and routines aimed at reducing anxiety and confusion, whilst supporting decision-making and awareness of potential risks and dangers. 


The School offers a range of classroom facilities, deisgned to meet the needs of students across the age range of 7 to 19 years. We also have excellent ICT facilities which add significant value to the learning experience.


We recognise that not all of our students are natural academics; however, all have the potential to flourish, given the right support, curriculum and encouragement.

Subjects include:

✓ Geography

✓ History

✓ Religious Studies

✓ Art

✓ Design Technology

✓ Drama

✓ Music

✓ Physical Education

✓ English

✓ Maths

✓ Science


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Each group of up to six individuals is based in its own classroom and accesses the school’s practical skills areas, which apply to subjects such as art, design technology, science, food technology, music, drama and sport.