Residential Services

For over 25 years, our specialist residential care services have provided outstanding therapeutic care and education for children who have experienced child sexual exploitation (CSE). Our outcomes are underpinned by a well-defined and child focused approach supported by a complete personalised care pathway leading to transition into foster care, supported accommodation or home return.


Our specialist residential care services for children who have experienced sexual exploitation (CSE) aim at reducing risk factors through personalised therapies and education designed to build resilience, promotion of wellbeing and coping mechanisms to prevent future abuse.


We achieve this through the use of CBT, mindfulness, understanding of healthy relationships, anger management, sexual education, art therapy and relevant OT-led approaches such as transitional support and functional skill building.


As part of our commitment to seamless care, Cambian offers relevant transition pathways for children who are ready to move on from this service. Our children's pathway services include foster care or supported accommodation. Nationwide placements are available depending on assessment of needs.


If you would like some advice or more information on our services and what we can do for you, email us here, or call 0800 644 6170 to discuss a referral in confidence.


CSE Child Profile

• 11-17 years

• Female

• Have experienced sexual exploitation as a result of: consent to survive, bullying, community gangs, money and gift incentives, trauma

• Challenging behaviours

• Attachment disorder

• Sexual disinhibition

• Emotionally unstable

• Low sense of safety and security

• History of placement breakdown

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Ofsted Report 2017, Specialist CSE Children's Home Testimonial Image

“Young people develop excellent relationships with staff. Managers and staff are committed to helping young people understand the trauma that they have previously experienced. They are persistent in their efforts to keep young people safe now and in the future.” 

Ofsted Report 2017, Specialist CSE Children's Home