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➜  What are your typical costs and fees?


➜  What are your assessment charges?


➜  What is your therapeutic approach?


➜  How do I raise a general enquiry about your services?


Complex Trauma Frequently Asked Questions

Our complex trauma services work with young children from ages 4-12 with an aim at breaking the cycles of trauma by stabilising the psychological effects derived from child sexual abuse, domestic violence, neglect and physical harm.


Below you'll find a list of questions and answers to help you understand how we achieve this and how children benefit from our work.


➜  What type of children do you care for?


➜  Why place a child in residential care instead of fostering?


➜  How are children cared for on a daily basis?


➜  What is STEP?


➜  How is STEP implemented?


➜  How do you measure the progress of an individual?


➜  Do we offer further training to our staff?


➜  What is a key carer?


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