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100 Voices is a project to explore care and assistive technology coming together. In October 2020 SMARTBOX became part of the Caretech Group with the intention of helping more people access the assistive technology that they need.


 See Smartbox in action at Hill House School here.

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All of our children can have access to SMARTBOX AAC devices to help them to communicate and have more independence. Hill House are so pleased to be part of the 100 Voices Project. SMARTBOX assessed suitability for the technology alongside our Speech & Language therapist to ensure they receive the best AAC solutions for their individual needs.


Staff are provided with device training and support and ongoing clinical support where needed to make sure the people received devices are supported throughout their journey AAC. We can measure the impact of AAC and how it affects people’s behaviours, their individual goals and the team supporting them.


"Many of our children are non-verbal but have responded to a range of communication aids which shows us the potential voice that is there to be nurtured and listened to.


We believe strongly in choice being the number one thing we can give our children, whether this is what to have for lunch or what to wear that day.


However busy life is, we want to stop and listen to that voice. In the assessment process it was very clear to us that Smartbox is going to develop both the voices and choices of our children."


- Kate Landells, Principal


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Smartbox is an assistive technology that aids students with their communication and helps build independance. 

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