Specialist Education

One of our talented year 9 students has constructed this beautiful box from recycled mahogany which was salvaged from an old bedside cabinet.


He spent hours planing and sanding the wood to the standard he wanted for the carcass of the box.


He wanted to create this unique and useful gift for his Step-Dad for Father’s Day and the student is hoping it will take pride of place on his Step-Dad’s desk, housing some of his favourite desktop gadgets.


The ‘G’ on the top is made of brass and is the first initial. The matching brass handles aid the lifting of the lid and compliment the classic mahogany really well.


Our year 9 student is extremely proud of this fantastic achievement, especially as this is his first year learning and experiencing Design Technology. He was able to demonstrate some excellent skills – Well done!

DT Fathers Day Box LC JPG 2

DT Fathers Day Box LC