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Take a peek and what the students at Cambian Dilston College have been up to recently:


➜ March 2023 Newsletter


February 2023 Newsletter


➜ January 2023 Newsletter


➜  End of Year Newsletter


➜  October 2022 Newsletter


➜  September 2022 Newsletter


➜  Learning all about Eid


➜  Youth Group Friday Certification


➜  Exploring the Beach for DofE


➜  Kyle's Red Nose Day Desserts!


➜ Kyle Learns About Fair Trade


➜ Another Fantastic DofE Adventure


➜ 'Sing' Beside The Seaside


➜ 'Word of the Week'


➜ 'Feeling the Love' on Valentine's Day!


➜ The Year of the Tiger


➜ Duke of Edinburgh students take a trip to Thirlwall Castle! 


➜ Kyle's Catering Work Experience!


➜ Boosting British Values!


➜ Face to face with a 65ft angel!


➜ Look What Kyle's Cooking!


➜ Hens Hatching at Dilston College!


➜ Student creates Lego Masterpiece!


➜ Students Explore the Derwent Reservoir

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