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Learning and/or communication difficulties can affect a wide range of social and academic skills from writing, reading, speaking, listening, reasoning and mathematical abilities. Sufferers may find it hard to express themselves, calm themselves down and have difficulty with social interaction, suffering from a delay in their learning or struggling in mainstream education environments.


Learning difficulties are often hereditary and present at birth and are not a problem with intelligence and motivation. It means that information is processed differently and each disability can look different from one another; one child may have trouble with reading, while another may find it difficult to communicate out loud.


Children and young people may also suffer from other co-existing difficulties such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or mental health disorders.


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Ofsted Report 2017, Specialist Autism Residential School Testimonial Image

"Teachers, therapy staff and support staff all place each pupil's needs at the centre of their work. Because of an exceptional level of collaboration and high level of expertise among staff, students make outstanding progress."

Ofsted Report 2017, Specialist Autism Residential School