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Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 7LL (Map)

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Cambian Potterspury Lodge School is an independent day school that supports and educates students with Autism and other associated challenges, offering pupils aged 8–18 a differentiated, engaging and challenging curriculum.  Staff are highly experienced and trained in supporting young people with communication challenges and sensory needs, learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, and other diagnosed conditions including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and Tourette's syndrome.


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Our shared vision and ethos are vitally important parts of our school identity. Potterspury Lodge School strives to develop self-confidence and self-esteem within our learners; establish an enduring respect for, and interest in, other individuals and groups within our local community and within our wider multi-cultural society; establishing a culture of ambition and success within our autism-friendly and autism-specialist environment to fully prepare our students for adulthood.  Staff are friendly and enthusiastic, highly-experienced, hold a range of appropriate qualifications and regularly participate in targeted CPD processes.


“Thank you so very much for the success that this year has brought K. You all personally are responsible for this!! You all make the school!! That I truly believe. Without your dedication to each student, the passion you bring, none of this would be possible. You are all truly wonderful human beings, who are in this profession because you want to make a difference. These students will be your legacy. I’m dyslexic, I have achieved so much in my life due to a teacher Mr L. My dad had a teacher he speaks about who made a difference in his life, Mr D. Teachers are life changers, especially for children who join Potterspury! You are a gift in life, please remember what you mean not only to your students, but also to parents.Thank you from every part of my being. It’s been a long painful journey, I speak for many… we are so very very lucky!” 


- Parent

The Proprietor

The proprietor of the school is Farouq Sheikh, Chair of the CareTech Board. 

The representative of the Proprietor of the school, whose address for correspondence during both term times and holidays, is: Andrew Sutherland, Director of Education, Metropolitan House, 3 Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 1AG. 


Day School - Up to 38 weeks

Student Profile: please click here for a more in-depth look at our student profile.

Our students may present with one or more of the following:

• Mixed gender, ages 8 – 18

• Primary diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder

• Barriers to learning such as dyslexia and dyspraxia

• Additional communication and / or sensory needs

• Behind with age related expectations in terms of academic progress

• Diagnosed conditions or anxiety

• ADHD/OCD/ADD/PDA/Tourette’s Syndrome

• History of school refusal in a mainstream setting

• Has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Our dedicated team include:

✓ Specialist teachers

✓ Pastoral Support Team

✓ Teaching assistants

✓ Transition Support Lead

✓ Residential staff

✓ Key worker

✓ Speech and language therapists

✓ Clinical psychologists

✓ Consultant psychiatrist

✓ Occupational therapists

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