Specialist Education

Throughout their time at Cambian Wing College, all of our students are encouraged and supported to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles, with a strong focus on good, sustainable physical and emotional health. We support students through a multi-disciplinary approach, utilising our specialist therapy, education and care teams to deliver programmes that ensure all students take an active role in managing their own health and wellbeing.


Physical Health for young people with Autism


Our staff deliver regular individual and group sessions to promote good health and are available to answer any individual health queries. Diet and nutrition are regularly reviewed and physical activities are offered and encouraged as part of all study programmes. Students are supported to coordinate all necessary health appointments and staff monitor the general health of students and any medication requirements as necessary. All students are coached in good personal care, sleep and hygiene routines.


Emotional Health for young people with Autism


To ensure a strong focus on positive emotional health, all students follow a varied tutorial programme which includes themes that explore individual roles and responsibilities in different contexts - including topics such as:


• Substance misuse

• Keeping safe at night

• Alcohol misuse

• Cyber-safety

• Smoking

• Sex and relationships

• Vulnerability within the community

• Equality & diversity


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Therapy & Clinical Services for Autism


Understanding the individual needs of our students is essential to supporting their development - we believe that a diagnosis of Autism does not predict behaviour, or dictate support requirements. Every one of our students is unique and our positive approaches are embedded across education and our waking-day curriculum. Our range of multidisciplinary therapies are delivered by a highly skilled and passionate team who work together to create a holistic, caring environment.


Read more about our Therapy Team here.


STEP Model Therapy


We provide a complete therapeutic approach encompassing care, clinical and education services which meet the specific needs of each child.


All of the work carried out at Wing College is based on a therapeutic approach known as the STEP Framework (this framework aims to be Sensory FriendlyTotally Inclusive and Enabling Standards to facilitate personal Positive Personal Progression).


The STEP framework recognises and encompasses 4 key domains: Social, Educational, Emotional and Psychological, within three specific phases that each child will go through.


Read about our STEP Model here.


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Nala, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, is our PAT assessed therapy dog who attends college part time and supports students on site and in the community.

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