Specialist Education


When we first met Barry*


Barry had a negative experience at his previous school and in his opinion was misunderstood. We recall him being insular and struggling to make and keep friendships.


When Barry came to Cambian New Elizabethan School


He recalled incidents of isolation and loneliness. When he came to us he was a very angry boy who couldn’t control his emotions and would disengage easily. This had a huge impact on his learning and self esteem.


Barry's care


It became apparent that Barry would take everything literally which he often found confusing and frustrating and therefore could not comprehend instruction. After implementing a personalised learning plan and employing strategies to support him, a gradual improvement became imminent.




Barry has matured into a polite, conscientious young man who has great aspirations for his future. He strives to meet all expectations and additionally he will seek out extension work and also support his peers in their learning.

He is fully involved in all aspects of school life and is a role model for other students.

Above all he is on track to fulfil his dream of entering the catering industry and having an illustrious career working with food.


What is the future like for Barry?


Barry’s future is looking very positive, if he continues along the path that he has begun to travel, there is no doubt he will become successful in his chosen career.


*Name has been changed to protect indentity 

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