Specialist Education

Our 6th Form Curriculum encourages our students to follow Pathways which are designed to help them build a more independent lifestyle and develop skills for life and work.


This curriculum focusses on developing communication skills, emotional regulation and is about building their confidence and preparing them for adulthood.


We will encourage the students to make more informed choices in line with their needs and aptitudes, speaking up for themselves and discovering a sense of control over their lives.


As well as improving their knowledge, skills and abilities in the core areas of Literacy, Numeracy and PSHE/RSE, the students will develop their personal, independence and social skills.


Our Pathways support the students to develop skills and confidence for living independently through a personalised programme. This includes learning experiences which will serve them well in the future, such as going shopping for food, using public transport and managing money.


All of these our explored in our OCR Life and Living Skills Pathway to the World of Work.



Students will also have the choice to spend more of their curriculum time on the Land Based Science and Animal Care Pathway or the Arts and Performing Arts Pathway.


Some students may also focus more on taking part in off-site work placements, voluntary work in the community or enterprise activities to develop their communication emotional regulation and team skills.