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Attachment Disorder is a general term which describes disorders of mood, behaviour and social interaction arising from a failure to form normal attachments to primary caregivers in early childhood.


It mainly results from early experiences of neglect, abuse or abrupt seperation from caregivers between the ages of 6 months and about 3 years. Other factors might be frequent change, excessive numbers of caregivers or severe lack of response to a child's attempt to communicate.


The key is emotional attachments so even if a child is fed, warm, dry and safe but with a caregiver who, for instance, may be depressed and unable to communicate emotionally with the child then there could still be attachment difficulties. An infant whose primary requirements for food, water, love, comfort and security are poorly met or ignored will be anxious that future needs will not be satisfied and may become acutely mistrustful. The anxieties that surround these own essential life-preserving needs gradually force the child to focus exclusively and aggressively on themselves; the acquired insecurities and feelings of rejection are only kept at bay by being in total control of everything around them.


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