Complex Trauma Services

Cambian are specialists in providing therapeutic care for children typically aged between 4 and 12 years of age who have suffered complex trauma and have attachment difficulties. Everything we do is therapeutic in nature, allowing children to make the progress they need, and to prepare them for their next onward placement which would usually be a move into foster care or occasionally returning to their biological family where appropriate.


Our team are very child focused, understanding that our children will only thrive when they feel safe and secure. It is therefore essential to provide them with stability, consistency and continuity, ensuring at all times that the children’s wishes and feelings are considered. Building positive relationships with our children is paramount; we achieve this through our parenting approach in which each child’s key carer is critical.


The children and adults have lots of fun within our homes providing every opportunity to play, with events such as culture nights, pamper nights and themed evenings. We go on day trips that are of interest to our children and they are actively encouraged to attend community activities which can help with their social skills. We prefer to be outdoors having fun ensuring that we replace negative experiences with those that are healthy and enjoyable. Our residential homes look and feel like any other family home.

All of our homes adopt and implement elements of research based practise, these include P.A.C.E (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) and DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy). These research based models allow the ‘adults’ to focus on the whole child, not simply their behaviour, it allows children to build positive and secure attachments, whilst learning emotional regulation, gain emotional literacy and learn key skills needed for life. Our STEP (Sensory supportive, Totally inclusive, Enabling, Progressive) framework underpins our approach, as we support children through a three phased journey of stabilisation, strengthening and transition.


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 Testimonial Image

Our teams provide a relaxed and nurturing family environment with some of our homes also housing various pets; we support and enable children to reach their full potential, enabling them to grow and progress in all areas of their development.

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