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Cambian Spring Hill School takes online safety very seriously and subscribes to the National Online Safety forum. We are delighted to be able to give all of our parents and carers access to free updates and learning modules, webinars and guides on a variety of topics that are designed to help maintain staying safe online. We hope you take full advantage of this fantastic opportunity which also further strengthen our home/school partnership.


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The summer holidays are full of opportunities. It’s uplifting for children and young people to be freed from the restrictions of their normal weekly timetable – and with the whole holiday to enjoy, there’s lots of time to fill. Of course, the challenge for parents and carers is to find activities that are not only educational but will prove popular with young ones! Aside from video games and surfing the internet, there are plenty of edtech (educational technology) avenues for digitally savvy youngsters to explore. We’ve compiled a rundown of some of our favourites …


In the guide, you'll find ideas for sports fans, artists, explorers, avid readers and much more!


➜  A free online safety guide - EdTech Summer Holiday Guide


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