Fostering Services

Every Foster family will have a dedicated team of support which include:


Link Worker

When you become a Foster Parent you will be designated a Link Worker who will be on hand to guide and advise your throughout your placements. Weekly phone calls and monthly visits will help you resolve any problems you may be facing, recognise your successes and generally be on hand to help and support you and the child(ren) that you look after.


Education Advisor

We have a team of in-house, full-time Education Advisors / Grow-Achieve-Learn Consultants (EAGaLs) who are designated to every child or young person in our care to ensure they reach their full potential. They also help to develop certain lifestyle skills, reach educational goals and advise them on further education routes after school, e.g. college or university.


Regional Psychotherapist

We appreciate that Fostering can be both emotionally and physically demanding, that’s why we have regional psychotherapists who can offer consultations if there’s ever a time you want to talk through any problems or issues you may be facing. This can be done over the phone or during a face to face meeting or you can attend one of our therapeutic forums alongside other Foster Parents for additional support and feedback.


Out of Hours Team

You’ll never have to face a problem alone with us, that’s why we have a dedicated out of hours team who are on hand to answer your call any time, day or night. They will be able to offer you the best advice.


For more information, contact us here to speak to our experienced team.


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Fostering Office Locations

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The By the Bridge with Cambian fostering offices are countryside locations, carefully chosen and decorated with bright colours, pictures and plants so that everyone experiences a sense of care, value and ‘a homely’ feel when they come to work or visit.

We aim to create an environment where people feel valued and can grow, develop and achieve their goals.