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*Louise's Story

Louise started at Home Tree School in 2017, with a diagnosis of mixed disorder of conduct and emotions, emotional dysregulation, depression and PTSD. Louise would engage in self-harm which varied in severity.


Louise lacked in confidence when it came to education and this had an impact on her attendance and levels of participation. she presented as quiet and withdrawn, and whilst she did communicate well with trusted staff members, it took a lot for her to fully commit to these levels of trust.


Louise often experienced flashbacks and panic attacks during education which limited her abilities to perform well, remember information and progress at a steady pace. Her mental health difficulties meant that she was slightly behind the age expected rate of progression within education.  It was therefore important to push and support Louise  to prepare her for her upcoming GCSE’s.


How Cambian Home Tree School Support Louise

Louise was given a key worker who provided her with targets, support to improve skills and mental health support.  She was also provided with reflection lessons, 1:1 sessions, intervention, key working sessions and work experience opportunities.  Through this, Louise was able to greatly improve her confidence within the classroom, which had a positive impact on her learning and achievements within education.


What's Louise Doing Now?

Louise showed a willingness to improve her skills, particularly during revision sessions for GCSE. She was also able to improve her management of emotional difficulties and with the support of staff developed ways of managing her emotions and the ability to self-soothe.


Louise was able to complete her GCSE’s during her time with us, achieving good quality grades. Furthermore, she was able to complete a Level 2 Social Care course and had embarked on a Level 3 Social Care course, which she continued and finished after leaving us. Louise was able to achieve so many goals during her time with us and we really couldn’t be prouder of her achievements.


A Note From Louise

"In my time at Home Tree School I have achieved lots of different things. When I first joined I didn’t have much knowledge of different subjects. Home Tree School helped me in subjects such as Maths, English and Science. They also checked my gaps regularly and helped me on these. They also helped me on my attendance and helped me get back into a routine. The school staff then helped me look through my gaps and what I found difficult and they supported me to revise the gaps. They motivated me to revise and kept reassuring me that I am capable to pass. For the year, I learnt a lot more in the areas I was struggling in. I then took my GCSE’s again and I passed my science. I needed to retake my Maths. They put me in for a retake and I had about a month to revise. Staff helped me the best they could to pass my maths. I worked on my gaps every day at school. I then retook my Maths and I passed. Whilst I was doing my exams I completed my Adult Social Care Level 2. After, I completed my Childcare Level 2 course. I am now currently half way through my Childcare Level 3. I have achieved many things at Home Tree School. Even the little things such as having a routine."


*Name has been changed.


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