Cambian Dilston College

Therapeutic Services & Mental Health

We provide a wide range of specialist interventions and tailored approaches for our students. We ensure that all young people in our care have the chance to engage positively in daily life, college, and with staff, peers and the local community.


Students may access NHS services such as physiotherapy, mental health services etc. and additional private support may be sourced as required e.g. art therapy.

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Supporting Positive Behaviour


Cambian Dilston College uses a Positive Behaviour Support approach. This means that we understand all behaviours have a meaning and we work to find out the meaning behind behaviours, so that we can support the student’s needs in better ways to improve their quality of life. We focus on proactive strategies to reduce the situations in which challenging behaviour is more likely to occur, and teach new skills and coping strategies. Students have a Behaviour Support Plan which identifies their individual behavioural needs and how staff can work with them.


Supporting Mental Health


Cambian Dilston College aims to promote positive mental health and wellbeing among all of the students. We strive to promote mental wellbeing by creating an environment where young people feel safe and happy and feelings are recognised and talked about. Staff support students to develop strategies for coping with their feelings.


We also identify and support students who might have a particular mental health need and require specialist support, liaising with local mental health services. The college works with students and external professionals to help manage mental health needs.


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Our Therapy Team consists of:

✓ Speech & Language Therapy

✓ Occupational Therapy

✓ Clinical Psychologist

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